Chico Comics Page Review: Pizza Boyz Vol.1

Review: Pizza Boyz Vol.1

Writing & Art by: Spencer Scott Holmes

Publisher: Old Man Orange

Old Man Orange’s Pizza Boyz is pretty much my kind of book. Granted, I would of been even more stoked if I’d stumbled across it when I was 16 but this ticks a lot of boxes: it’s brimming with laid back cool; its rough, edgy art sets it well apart from the mainstream publishers; it’s tapped a vein of modern characters that are as timeless as MTV (sic). Welcome to the world of Pizza Boyz, where every major event in our four protagonists’ lives revolve around the holy trinity of eating at their favourite pizza place with their favourite buddies, playing inordinate amounts of video games, and helping their buddies cement a love life. Personally, I can recognise almost every element of the book and, no doubt, it’s this nostalgia that keeps drawing in readers.

pizzab in1

The book collects the first four issues of Pizza Boyz and kicks off in true style with our group of drunken friends making plans for, you guessed it, a pizza run. It’s the constant motion of the characters, whether they’re tapping a keg, hanging by the pool or making the all important trip to Pie in the Sky Pizza, that makes the book so dynamic and pacy. These boys don’t rest on their laurels too long and this means the readership don’t get bored. As they dip in and out of scrapes and get up to the kind of thing that lots of male teens get up to. And not only are we introduced to the gang, but we feel we know and recognise them due to their all too familiar antics. This is a slice of real life captured in real time in glorious black and white.

The artwork is equal amount gonzo and indie DIY strip style that many of us even had a go at at some point. The edges are rough and it’s all the better for it. Facial expressions are booming outwards so the hyperbole of each situation is magnified which is a trademark look to this style of book. Another bonus are the visual jokes. Each frame is worth a second glance as there are a number of floating gags here and there. All in all, this makes the book all the more endearing.

I did wonder whether it would appeal to female readers but the characters are so recognisable, any reader could relate, especially a slightly older reader, of any gender. Overall, it’s just a damn fine book brimming with fun and nostalgic belly laughs. This could be the Summer beach filler you’ve been waiting for.


Skully’s Corner: Why buy this book?  This book rocks. It reminds of of my misspent youth, if I’m honest. Some of the dialogue could have been taken from secret recordings from our youth hang-outs. I think I can feel a tear welling…oh wait, I don’t have tear ducts… 7/10

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Review written by Arun Sharma.


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