Star Trek: Discovery started filming Season 2 on 4/16/18

Star Trek: Discovery started filming Season 2 on 4/16/18

By Bethany Lewis & Michael Nunneley


Filming on season two of Star Trek: Discovery started filming April 16 according to Doug Jones on twitter.

Doug Jones, who plays Acting Captain Saru as of the season one finale of Discovery and has most recently appeared in Best Picture winner The Shape of Water, announced via Twitter that filming for Discovery’s second season started Monday.

Jones posted a video of shaving his head in preparation for the role.

Considering the delays that plagued the production of season one, it is a relief to hear that things seem to be running on schedule for season two. Not only has filming started in April as promised, but casting news and story details have been announced as season two enters production.

Anson Mount (Inhumans, Hell on Wheels) has lately joined the cast as Captain Christopher Pike, comedian Tig Notaro (One MississippiTransparent) is set to play a new Starfleet engineer serving aboard another starship, and Jonathan Frakes is confirmed as director on two episodes — including one in which a young Spock appears in a flashback with a young Michael Burnham.

Despite the production delays, Discovery managed a fairly impressive and entertaining introductory season. Star Trek, as a rule, tends to vastly improve going into its second season as it irons out the edges and finds its particular voice.

After all, both Next Generation and Deep Space 9 were admittedly pretty bad during their first season and eventually came to be ranked among the most acclaimed series of the franchise. As details continue to emerge about the upcoming season it looks as if we can at least expect a narrative which will solidify Discovery’s place in the greater Star Trek mythology.


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