Chico Comics Review: Super Mansion

Chico Comics Review: Super Mansion


Writer: Barry Hutchinson

Artist: Jake Elphick

Colorist: Tracy Bailey

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Editor: David Leach

Publisher: Titan Comics

Reviewer: James Kniseley


Super Mansion is a silly adventure that pays homage to the older days of comics.

Art: The art is very cheeky and cartoony. It perfectly captures the comical nature of this. Characters are given their own visuals that make them unique and stand out from each other. The backgrounds are simple, but the work. The tone and the visuals work together to create something unique. There are a lot of silly images and happenings that work. This comic could have easily fallen apart with the wrong art style. Fortunately, it doesn’t, and the art hits all the notes it should too hold it together.

Supermansion Issue 1 Art Page 2

Characters: The characters here are rather one-note, but they do have the potential to be expanded on and become interesting. Black Saturn, for example, seems rather dim and never wears pants, but he does have a strategy for taking out each member of the team should they go rogue. This is an interesting concept that does provide humor. The other main character that gets expanded on slightly is Rex, the leader. He does try and be a competent leader but is brought down by some of the less intelligent members.
The rest of the characters don’t get much focus or development in the first couple issues. So, going forward, the team needs to explore them and give them depth. It is a colorful cast that has potential to be interesting. These first couple issues don’t manage to nail the characters but do an okay job at providing ground work for future development.

Supermansion Issue 1 Art Page 3

Dialogue: There is nothing substantial about the dialogue. It does have a cheesy quality that fits perfectly with the tone of the comic. It’s there, but nothing truly worth noting.
Plot: The plot is rather cheesy, but that’s not a bad thing. The Superheroes have made clones of themselves so that they don’t have to work. Unfortunately, the clones are defected and turn evil. This leaves the heroes to have to take them down. Despite its silly nature, the comic does a great job with foreshadowing. The opening scenes features the heroes fighting an army of clones. This is before you learn that the “heroes” are clones. This does a nice job setting up the reveal to come.

Supermansion Issue 1 Art Page 4

The cheesy nature of the comic does allow for it to get cute with it’s ending. The ending is a deus ex machina, but it is oddly satisfying because of the tone of the comic. So props to the writers for pulling this off.
It will be interesting to see where this series goes in the future. These first couple issues feel like a one-off, but volume 3 is teased. So this will be something to keep an eye on. There is a world here that has room to grow.


Skully’s Corner

Should you buy?

Overall, This is enjoyable. There are some interesting qualities with the clones, and it does a good job of foreshadowing. If you enjoy silly superheroes, you should definitely give this a read. If you are a fan of older comics and superhero shows like Adam West’s Batman, then this is definitely for you.
I give this 7/10


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