The Official Star Trek 2018 Convention Aug. 1st – 5th in Las Vegas, NV

The Official Star Trek 2018 Convention Aug. 1st – 5th in Las Vegas, NV

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Nevada Pops

The fabulous Nevada Pops Orchestra are returning to headline the Saturday Evening Gala Celebration on Saturday night! It’s an incredible honor to welcome back Maestro Richard McGee and the talented members of the 45-piece Nevada Pops Orchestra to our Vegas celebration. This year promises to be extra special with new and wonderful selections never heard before at the Convention, as well as performances of some of the great Star Trek television and film scores. We’re also planning a surprise or two!If you are NOT a Gold, Captain’s Chair, or Copper Patron for the convention don’t worry, you can still come to see this amazing performance!






The Promenade Hallway serves as your focal point for getting to all other areas of the convention, except the main auditorium and registration which you will first see as you enter. There is an additional entrance into the auditorium towards the back of The Promenade Hallway to save you from walking all around to get into the theatre when you need to. On the right side of the Promenade you will likely find the photo ops and Quark’s Bar with its 3rd programming track and a place to grab some needed drink and food, various special exhibits, some prop replicas, banner scenarios for cosplaying, and archival materials.

At the very end of the Promenade straight down you’ll likely see the gorgeous re-creation (from the original blueprints) of the amazing Original Series bridge and along the way you might catch The Borg Regeneration Chambers, and craftspeople hard at work producing free giveaways to as many as they can accommodate. If you are a craftsperson and want to be part of the fun just contact us at with some links to your site. You also might peer into a room and see our newest prop recreation, the famous Ten Forward Bar, that honors our appearance of Whoopi Goldberg for the 50th Anniversary.

You’re also invited into our Secondary Ballroom (the DeForest Kelley Theatre), which often takes a look behind the 52 year franchise of Star Trek featuring many greats in film and TV production and design as Star Trek shows also have the best, and still do to this very day.

The human adventure continues as you make a quick left to reach the massive Gene & Majel Roddenberry Vendors Room filled with extraordinary collectables, both new and vintage from the Star Trek Universe. There will be surprises galore and we certainly love the fact that literally thousands come in costumes, some really terrific.
On Saturday we have our famous Costume Parade to open the day where scores of great fans make their way in costume through the convention (including the Vendors Area & The Promenade) and into the main theatre for a group picture often lead by a parade Marshall, typically a Star Trek celebrity!
Our best advice is to make sure you eat (and the Rio has SO many excellent choices you really can’t go wrong) and drink plenty of fluids during your stay, and most definitely wear comfortable shoes or sneakers if you’re not in costume (or not visible if you are).

89 Celebrity Guests and Counting


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