Chico Comics Review: Rush Volumes 1 and 2

Chico Comics Review: Rush Volumes 1 and 2


Andrew Roby:Creator and Writer

Nicole Kaiser: Co-Creator and Lead Character Design

Olivia Fowler: Artist and Writer

Review: James Kniseley


Rush comes at you like a bolt of lighting and doesn’t stop the entire ride.

Art: I don’t know where to start with this. This comic is beautifully drawn. There are two different styles. Issue one is full of color. It is vibrant and beautiful to look at. The colors pop and help to establish the characters. The second one shifts to a black and white manga style. While this change is abrupt, the art still captures the personalities of each character. While I liked both styles and they both work, I preferred the style of issue 1 the most. It felt right. It brought the whole world to life. The second issue felt a bit drab to look at when placed after issue one. I do understand this was probably a cost thing.
Both issues have easy to navigate paneling, and both run the full the range from dramatic to comedic. This comic is the whole package. Even details such as Bolt’s speed causing gusts of wind are not overlooked. Small stuff like that enhance an already solid comic.


Characters: The characters are great. Bolt is cheeky and energetic, and through the narration he provides you get a great sense of his carefree personality. I found him enjoyable. He’s got all the makings of a compelling protagonist that you would want to follow and see evolve. Even in the first two issues he has some surprising depth that I wasn’t expecting.

The other main characters that are shown are Karahl and Ruru both characters have great chemistry with Bolt and provide good banter for him. I’m looking forward to how these three continue to evolve over the course of the series.

On the Villain side, there are quite a few that are set up. There is some intrigue here that promises to be compelling, but not much is done with them besides set up, but they are compelling enough to want to see return.

Dialogue: The dialogue for this is well crafted. Each character has their own unique flavor that shows off their individual personalities. Bolt is cheeky and action-oriented. Ruru is insecure and wants to be appreciated by Bolt, and Karahl is mysterious and isn’t afraid to take charge. Because of well-crafted dialogue, it’s hard to put this comic down. You just get pulled and what to read what will be said next.The dialogue is fun, flavorful, and has depth to it. It gets you into the characters. This is hard to do in a first issue. So well done to the team.

Plot: The plot is pretty simple so far. Bolt is a hero for hire and is the cities hero. Unfortunately, he has wracked up some debt because of damages to the city. While this debt has been ignored because he is the cities hero. Karahl has paid off his debt and bought him for whatever purposes she wants. These first two issues do a fabulous job of setting up the world and the characters. It will be up to issue 3 to push the series forward. It isn’t quite clear if this will be heavily plot based or more monster of the day and slowly expand the world, but either way, it will be epic.



Skully’s Corner

Should you buy?

Overall, This series is great. As stated before, my one issue is the jump from full color to black and white, but that is a minor issue that does not hinder this series enjoyment. Everyone should rush over and read this series.

I give this 10/10


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