Chico Comics Page Review: John Wick #2 – Out 4/18/2018


Chico Comics Page Review: John Wick #2

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Out 4/18/2018

Writer: Greg Pak

Art/Cover A: Giovanni Valletta

Colors: David Curiel & Inlight Studios

Cover B: Jock

Letters: Tom Nopolitano

Reviewer: Michael Nunneley


The artistic style of Giovanni Valletta is very entertaining – & in my opinion rare. His style is such that it conveys ambiance and many times, spot on representations of the characters. At the same time, some of the inking (emphasis on some) came across as strange in my opinion. It’s almost as if (and this is pure speculation) there was more time taken with a majority of the panels and less with others – at least as far as the inking goes. I say this because some of it seems to barely fit a lighting or coloring scheme – like straighter lines were needed and round, bubbled shapes were used instead. That said, it did not take away from my enjoyment of the book and I liked the general mood and style of the artwork. It is just upon study that I even noticed these things. And there was more good stuff about it too. The action is where Valletta got unique. The panels were laid out in such a way that they must be rescanned a few times through to get it all – I did anyway. It was like following a rock as it skipped across the lake. The individual jumps and splashes are cool, but to fully appreciate it you have to watch the whole thing take place. The Artwork of Valletta is perfectly nuanced in the color choices and brought to life by David Curiel & Inlight Studios. I liked the bolder and brighter sound effects mixed with the dark more toned-down colors. The emphasis on these effects allows for the viewer to visibly see what a dominating presence the sound was taking in the room.


This story is fun, quick hitting and fast paced – while throwing in all the nice elements of the Wickverse that give the series it’s unique charm. Things like it’s lingo: “dinner reservations” and so forth. But also, this issue shows Wicks first walk through a Continental Hotel – Texas style. This was fun on a level equal to getting to see Jim Kirk beat the Kobayashi Maru test. This is John Wick, the baba yega, as he was just coming into the world he is so embroiled in when we see him in the films. Greg Pak delivers on all counts. I really enjoyed this story and the first issue as well. I like the current story mixed with the flashbacks of Wick’s origins. Great dialog and a perfect adaptation of the mood and flavor of the John Wick films.



This book is one that definitely needs to be on your pull list on the 18th. Despite the select issues I had with the inking, the book was fun and entertaining both visually and in a literary fashion. If you liked the films, which were awesome, I would bet vital parts of my anatomy that you will love this book as I did. This hard-hitting action-ride gets a 8.75/10 on the awesomo-meter and a MUST GRAB on Skully’s Recommendations list.

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