Chico Comics Review: Coyotes

Chico Comics Review: Coyotes

Story: Sean Lewis

Art: Caitlyn Yarsky

Published: Image Comics

Review: James Kniseley


Coyotes is visually appealing, but upon closer inspection, it is nothing but a hot mess.

Art:The Art for Coyotes is very intriguing. This is the strong point of the comic. There is a allure to it that pulls you in. The way they use different lighting to set the mood is used effectively. Different setting have different color schemes that set them apart from other locations. Night scenes look cool. While day scenes effectively communicate the desert heat. Even flashbacks have their own grey effect that helps identify when they begin and end to the reader.

The Character designs also have some interesting qualities to them. Each one has a different appearance and costume designs that makes them stand out. This is also not a comic that shies away from blood. But it is use effectively to communicate the struggle of the characters.


Characters: This section can be summed up with, “What characters?” While each character is visually different they all come off like cardboard boxes. I never understood any of their motivations nor could I find any features that made them stand out. This is too bad as there are a couple of characters that attempt to come off a quirky and strange, but they fall flat because they don’t feel right for the world that was set up to that point.


Dialogue: The dialogue is very confusing. Early on there is a lot of talk about certain events, but it’s not clear until later if the words should be taking literally or metaphorically. The visuals contribute to this dialogue problem as well. Even once you get a grasp on what is happening the dialogue doesn’t hold your attention. I found myself skipping large chunks of dialogue because I didn’t care.


Plot: The plot is a confusing mess. Early on, there are a lot of things thrown at you but are not explained until much later. As stated above, you question whether this should be figurative or literal in meaning. Once things do get moving, scenes jump too fast. As soon as you get a handle on a scene you are whisked off to another location and have to find your bearings all over again. There isn’t much logical progression to the story. Even the ending is a jumbled mess. It jumps forward in time for a few pages then ends. What should be an epic moment based on the last page just leaves you scratching your head.


SkullySkully’s Corner
Should you read
Overall, the the visuals do not save this mess of a comic. There is a lot of stuff going on, but none of it comes together to provide satisfaction. Save yourself time, and don’t read it

I give this an 3/10


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