Chico Comics Review: Cyber Force

Chico Comics Review: Cyber Force

Cyber Force #1 Cover

Created by: Marc Silvestri

Written by: Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill

Art by: Atilio Rojo

Lettering by: Troy Peteri

Edited by: Elena Salcedo

Covers by: Marc Selestri and Atilio Rojo

Published by: Top Cow

Review by: James Kniseley

Cyber Force starts with a bang and doesn’t let up until the very end.

Art: The art of Cyber Force is gorgeous. The explosions are wonderfully drawn and superbly communicate the horror of them. It does not shy away from the grotesque and you can see the pain in solved in the aftermath of traumatic events. It is also good with mood lighting and communicating malevolence with the choice in lighting the antagonist that is set up.
The characters are detailed and expressive. Both of the characters that are set up as our main protagonists have robotic limbs, once against his will, and the art style is very effective at communicating his rage at having his body stolen from him, even if it gave him a new lease on life.

Cyber Force #1 pg 1

Characters: This is an odd section because this feels like a volume 2. You’re thrust into these characters rapidly with little set up on who they are. Beyond the basic father-daughter relationship of the main characters Morgan and Carin, we are not told much about them. As I said before, this feels like a volume 2, and we missed out of the set up of these characters. To keep the reader invested in the plight of the protagonists, volume 2 will have to play catch up and spend a good chunk developing character. Right now, there isn’t much to grab hold to and become invested.

The antagonist that is set up isn’t given much development. This is disappointing as he is the catalyst for the events that play out in the first volume. He does have some cool visuals and presents an air of mystery that will, hopefully, come to teh forefront shortly.

Cyber Force #1 pg 2

Plot: The plot sets up some interesting points to be used in the future. It also has some good themes to explore such as humanity. It gives off the vibe of Terminator, Matrix, and Battle Star Galactica and asks, “Is advancing technology good?” I’m intrigued to see where this is taken and what spin it is given. It is shown that because of robotics the main Morgan can be controlled. This presents some interesting possibilities for ecvents that could unfold in the future.




Skully’s corner

Should you buy?
Overall, This is a promising start to a series. If you like action and science fiction, you will love this. It has great art, and a fast pace to keep you entertained. If they develop the characters a bit more, this will be a winner for sure.

I give this an 8/10


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