Chico Comics Review: Zero Jumper #1

Chico Comics Review: Zero Jumper #1


By: Patrick Mulholland

Publisher: Alterna Comics

Review: James Kniseley


From the first page, Zero Jumper grabs your interest and doesn’t let go.

The art style for this is wonderfully drawn. It’s moderately detailed, and the colors are vibrant. The style fits the tone and allows flexibility for both comedic and dramatic moments. The style also allows for some flash and gorgeously drawn action scenes.


There’s a lot of mystery in this first issue. The story starts with an interesting narration that pulls you in and makes want to keep reading. It gives off the feel of Army of Ghosts from the second series of Doctor Who when Rose ends the teaser when the line, “This is the story of the day I die.” The opening gives that same feel where you know something will happen; it’s just a question of what exactly that will look like.


The exposition for this is paced fantastically. At no time does it ever bog you down. There’s a bit at the beginning. Then there’s some in the middle and then the ending. You get all the information you need to know, but it’s spaced out so reading through it doesn’t become a chore. The only issue is that the main characters name isn’t revealed until the very end. Not knowing what the heroine’s name is for 23 pages doesn’t hurt the comic, but this bit of information should have been at the start to eliminate some confusion. I kept wondering if I missed something.


The main characters are Juno and her robot companion iO, and their banter is fantastic. There is a lot of good humor in this piece between Juno’s sarcastic tone and iO’s matter of fact style of speaking. Every bit of dialogue is crafted extraordinarily well and paints the characters fantastically. This issue does what a first issue should do and gives you a basic understanding of both characters, their relationship to each other, and what their objective is. It will be up to the last three issues to build upon that and keep the reader entertained.


The basic plot is that Earth is gone and only Juno remains. She can jump through time, but that ability is limited. Fortunately, she has found a way to go back even further and save the Earth. It’s an entertaining premise. One thing that I love is the way that the writer respects the intelligence of the reader. Throughout the first issue, Juno talks about some terrible disaster, but it’s never explicitly stated what that is. Instead, the final shot shows Juno standing on the moon with ruined earth above her. It’s a fantastic way to show rather than tell the audience what happened as well as end the issue. I hope that this trend continues through the remaining three issues.



Skully’s Corner

Should you buy?

Overall, Zero Jumper is the whole package. It is visually stunning and intriguing in its story. If you enjoy science fiction or fantasy, this comic is for you. If you are a fan of Joss Whedon or Quentin Tarantino’s witty style of dialogue, then you will also enjoy this.

I give this 10/10


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