Chico Comics Page Review: The Librarians #4

Review: The Librarians #4

Written by: Will Pfeiffer

Art: Rodney Buchemi

Colours: Weslei Manuel

Letters: Troy Peteri

Publisher: Dynamite Comics


For those not in the know, The Librarians are a team dedicated to protecting the world from an unseen magical realm that exists all around it. Each member of the team, led by Flynn Carsen, have their own special and unique abilities that they employ when facing all manner of antagonist, selflessly protecting the unknowing inhabitants of our planet. Dynamite Comics present a series that has all the action of a superhero ensemble and the excitement and plotline of an enigmatic thriller, a balance not that easy to pull off. And whilst under the guise of a deceptive title, The Librarians actually kick ass in a pretty dynamic and at times outrageous way. Welcome to the world of the other guardians of the galaxy.


the librarians #4cov



The story kicks off mid action with the ‘bad magicians’ unleashing hell upon Manhattan. Our team of wily protectors have to figure out a way to stop them before the whole world succumbs to their demand for the psychic energy from each and every human alive. Luckily, Carsen and co. enlist the help of a mysterious group of wizards from the other realm, known as The Others, and the invaders’ attack is cut short.  My only criticism is that this intervention all happens rather quickly in the final few sequences. The opening suggested a final issue that would span the globe and climax in spectacular fashion, and although it di the former, the latter left me a little underwhelmed. It felt a bit too neat and convenient. Saying that, the book was immensely enjoyable in the need to crack a code that could otherwise lead to the downfall of humanity. Pfeiffer definitely knows how to wrench up the excitement and this in itself is a winner.


Artwise, the book’s realistic look matches the violence and action throughout. The ‘bad magicians’ look sinister and facial expressions depict real hatred and evil intent. There is an urgency about the work that equals the pace of the frames. This did at times leave me searching for the correct reading order but wasn’t a major issue. Also impressive was the colouring. A darker palate allowed the violence to simmer in an appropriate backdrop and the evil doers were depicted as emerging from shadows and nooks which fitted their idioms. The Order appeared divine in their halo-like light and this again well reflected their place within the tale.So all-in-all, great colour coding and use of light and dark.


After enjoying the read so much, I would recommend the title to fans of magic, the supernatural, and all-round action readers. It’s got a pretty solid set of characters and decent foundations for the plot. 6.5/10


Skully’s Corner: Why buy this book? What? Bad magicians daring to take on the might of a collection of book shufflers? Sound ridiculous but in reality is super cool. If only I had the body to be a librarian, I reckon I could take on a few noisy interlopers…


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Review written by Arun Sharma.



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