Chico Comics Reviews: Scarlett Strike Force #3

Chico Comics Reviews: Scarlett Strike Force #3


Writer: Aubrey Sitterson

Art: Nelson Daniel

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Publisher: IDW

Review: James Kniseley


Scarlett Strike Force #3 is a nonstop action that is devoid of anything meaningful.

One of the main problems with this comic is that it moves too fast. You never have time to get your bearings on what is happening before you are thrown into a different setting with a different set of characters. For how short the comic is, there are too many characters and settings presented. None of them have time to be fleshed out. There are about 3 different scenes that are jumped between and each one should have been it’s own chapter. That way they could be fleshed out and made coherent.


The art style is nice, but the way the action doesn’t help the muddled mess of narration. It gets too flash for its good and makes following the story difficult as it muddles the transitions between scenes. The characters, on the other hand, do look nice and they have a decent art style to them. It also has some nice lighting effects for a couple of the interior scenes that do stand out. The establishing shot here are exquisite. The shots of the enemy HQ stands out as very appealing visually.


There is a previously segment a the start. Unfortunately, it doesn’t recap anything well. If you haven’t been following the story, you will be utterly lost. The scenes it chooses don’t outline or establish what happened before. It does nothing to catch the reader up. It also, provides a character list which is good because the characters are hard to keep track of and the frequent character introductions contribute to the confusion.


To its credit. There are some nice character moments here. Though they are brief, there were a couple of lines that let me understand the character a bit better. But, other than those couple instances, the characters have nothing going for them.



Skully’s Corner

Should you buy?

If you’ve read the previous comics in this series, you will probably enjoy this. If not, there is no reason to pick this up. If you like mindless action, then this is the comic for you. It has some potential but it tries to cram too much into a small page count.

I give this a 5/10


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