Skully’s Artist’s Spotlight: Tosin Awosika Josiah


Chico Comics Page Sunday Series Presents:

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Skully’s Artist’s Spotlight:

Tosin Awosika Josiah

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For commission requests you can contact Mr. Josiah through his social media accounts on Facebook & Instagram.


  • When did you first get into comics? Who were your initial favorites?


I got into comics after reading my first comic book at age 12. My initial favorite was the commando series.


  • When did you first start drawing? What were the first things you drew?


I can’t say precisely what age I started drawing but I started at a very young age, then I drew all sort of things in my sisters; note books. I used to draw angels and the crucifix.


  • Did you go to school to learn how to draw, did you teach yourself, or was it both?


I taught myself to draw, but as you know, knowledge doesn’t just drop on you, I read books too during my journey and I”m still reading cause I have a lot to learn.



  • Who have been your greatest influences as far as your artistic style goes? Who has had the greatest impact on the artist you are today?


A lot of artists influenced my art style and techniques, likes of Jim Lee, Jack Kirby, Dan Jurgens, Frank Miller, Kim Jung GI and a whole lot of others from Marvel and DC comics.


  • When did you decide you wanted to start pursuing art as a career? What was the catalyst for this decision?


I”ve always wanted to be an artist since read my first comic book. Growing up as a depressed kid , art was my get away then so it became an integral part of my life. Nobody would believe I spent more hours drawing than study when I was in the university, but I did.


  • What was your first gig as a comic book artists? How did you get the job?


No major gig for now, Started professionally about a year ago and I’m happy with the growth so far. The comic book industry in Nigeria is just growing, and there are lots of artists waiting for their major gig with few available comic book publishers in the country.


  • Have you got the chance to work with any idols since becoming a professional artist? Any big geek-out experiences for you?


No, not yet and for the geek- out experience, I plan on attending the Lagos Comic Con this year.



  • Are there any publishers or titles that you would like to work on that have eluded you thus far? Any “dream jobs” still waiting out there?


No, my dream job is creating opportunities for other artist to fulfill their dreams.


  • Have you ever done any writing? Or perhaps some creating of new characters or universes? IE Do you have characters &/or stories of your own?


Yes, I have created several characters, written a lot of stories and have a few comic books of my own waiting to be published.


  • Are there any projects you have coming up in the future that we can look forward to?


Yeah, you should expect a lot from me ranging from comic books to graphic novels. But for now, I’m focusing on creating more content and honing my skills while finding the best way to publish my books.


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