Chico Comics Page Review: MechaOrganic Volume 1

Chico Comics Page Review: MechaOrganic Volume 1

mechaorganic cover

Publishers: Ariel Celestino & Mecha9ine Inc.

Story/Art/Design: Ariel Celestino

Gallery Contributions: Danny Jimenez, Danny Rodriguez, Omaha Perez & Don Wayne Austin Jr.

Reviewer: Michael Nunneley

mechaorganic pg 1

The cover of MechaOrganic Volume 1 is rather good, as well as apropos to the content of the book. In fact there is a bit of a subtle hint embedded within the work that I didn’t notice until after I read the book – The silhouette of the running man in the midst of the face. The coloring however is the part that really sticks out to me. Granted, blue is my favorite color, so there is some bias in my opinion, but I really like the color-scheme that was chosen. the blend of the darker half of the color spectrum – specifically blues and reads and their blends making purple. It’s very psychedelic, dream-like even – and that’s the real apropos to the story part, the dream-like nature of it.

mechaorganic pg 2

The interior artwork is what really creates the sense of being in a dreamworld. The atmospheric nature of the art is undeniable. Some parts are well defined, some parts are very generic and still other parts are but silhouettes of people, places and things. The angles and panel layouts add to this vision-realm, creating that feeling of trying to remember an important dream accurately. It chops and staggers, sometimes even blends together. The Gallery in the back of the book is quite entertaining. It’s a chance to get a full color view of the books concepts.

mechaorganic pg 3

The writing/storytelling of MechaOrganic Volume 1 is…well, trippy – as my parents would say. The book reads a lot like the original Heavy Metal movie in its diversity of stories and the dream-like nature of the writing. I personally had to read it twice as Celestino’s method of storytelling is not a microwave dinner of a story.  Rather it’s more like a slow-cook recipe. Some aspects and correlations can be made immediately – like the obvious similarities with historical events such as the Civil War – but other connections build slowly as the story cooks in your mind – the “running man” aspect comes to mind specifically.

mechaorganic pg 4


Should you buy this book? I’m not sure I know the answer this time. While the was an original and unique book, and I did enjoy it, I’m not sure that this is for everyone. If you’re a fan of movies like Heavy Metal and sci-fi, if you, like me, are attracted to the strange and unusual, then this book is for you. But if you’re looking for an easily digestible, relaxing read, this might not be what you want to pick up. This book is one that required a lot of thought and imagination to create and should be appreciated in a like manner.

Official Awesomo-Meter Reading: 7.5/10.

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