Chico Comics Review Battle Cats #0

Chico Comics Review Battle Cats #0


Writer: Mark London

Illustrator: Andy King

Colorist: Julian Gonzalez

Letterers: Miguel Zapata and Christian Ospina

Publisher: Made Cave Studios

Review: James Kniseley

Battle Cats #0 is the beginning of a promising series that has a lot of potential going forward.

The art for Battle Cats is top tier. There are a lot of details on every panel. It draws you in with its incredible images. As with all the comics done by Mad Cave, the art is exquisitely drawn. It does not lack in any department. The lighting at the beginning with a starry sky scene sets a mysterious tone to the story and is a little bit ominous.


The world map presented in this is great. It brings me back to when I first read Lewis and Tolkien, and they had detailed maps of their world. I love the visual it provides and helps to flesh out a world and make it seem real.

The concept of having cats as main characters is cool and reminds me of Thunder Cats. So I’m excited to see how they use the different types of cats and it there is some kind of class system to the species. There are some interesting things they could play with.


There’s not much to say about the characters because there really isn’t any. There is a few shown in flash back and a mysterious narrator, but it isn’t clear how much they will contribute going forward.

The story promises to be entertaining. One of the issues is the Zero issue approach. It uses the zero issue as a crutch to throw all exposition at the reader at once so that when issue 1 starts the reader knows what is happening. This is a bit weak on the story telling side because if you are a good story teller, you can weave exposition in anywhere.


There is a lot of terms that are thrown out, and it turns out to be too much. You want to show your world. You want to unveil it piece by piece, and not just blast the audience with an exposition bazooka. It’s all good set up but doesn’t have anything to grab your attention. If you are not interested in giant world building segments or exposition dumps you might be turned off by this. Given that this is the second Mad Cave comic that uses the issue Zero crutch that I’ve read, I need to point this out. If you have to dump your exposition at the reader in a prologue, it would behoove you to rethink your techniques. It worked okay for Knights of the Golden Sun because it was already a well-known story that it was using as its premise and didn’t throw dozens of new terms at the audience. With this one, it’s not as elegant.



Skully’s Corner

Should You Buy?

Overall, this promises to be an entertaining tale with fantastic art, but right now it’s all promise. With issue one they need to punch hard and deliver an actual story rather than simply set up.

I give this 8/10


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