Chico Comics Review: Sink #4

Chico Comics Review: Sink #4


Story: John Lees

Art: Alex Cormack

Colors: Alex Cormack and Lisa Moore

Letters: Shawn Lee

Logo: Tim Daniel

Publisher: Comix Tribe

Review: James Kniseley


Sink #4 is a wonderfully gory tale that is full of intensity.
Despite jumping on board this ride in the fourth issue, I had no issues understanding what was going on. This is a lot harder than it sounds. So kudos to the writers for crafting a compelling tale that doesn’t alien readers who come in late.

The artwork for this is exquisite. You can tell at a glance how each character is feeling and what their relationship with other characters is. If some of the scenes were just images and no words, you would still understand what was going on. The way the art is done to promote characterization is brilliant. The comic makes great use of contrasting colors. Early on, the colors are more muted and on the darker side, but this helps to enhance the horror and terror when the blood starts happening. The red stands out excellently from the other colors. It reminds me of how Schindler’s List used red to make the girl stand out.


It’s no easy task to turn your characters from innocent to believable killers in one chapter, but this does it well. I was nervous that everything would feel forced just to get them from point A to point B, but the narration and character moments flowed seamlessly. Everything built off what came before until it reached its chilling end.
Story-wise there are a couple of small twists that I didn’t see coming. Characters don’t play out the way you might expect and it challenges your expectations. This will keep you on your toes the whole way through.


The characterization for this is spot on. The characters are easy to figure out and understand, but at the same time have depth. There are some well-written character moments, and as mentioned above, enhanced by the superb art. Sink quickly makes you care about its characters. They have great dynamics, and even in the space of one issue, those dynamics change drastically, and it all blends together to make sense.


My only real complaint with this is that sometimes the panels are too overloaded with dialogue. Some of them would have been better off splitting the dialogue between two panels and not crowd them into one.


Skully’s Corner

Should you buy?

Overall, if you read this first like I did, you will want to go back and catch up, and then sit with anticipation for the next issue to drop. Everything about this deserves your attention. It is well worth your time to dig into this series.
I give this 10/10


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