Chico Comics Page Review: Star Trek: Boldly Go #17

Chico Comics Page Review: Star Trek: Boldly Go #17 – I.D.I.C. Part 5

Star TGrek Boldly Go #17 Cover

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Mike Johnson

Art/Cover: Marcus To

Colors: Marissa Louise

Letters: Andworld Design

Reviewer: Michael Nunneley

Star TGrek Boldly Go #17 pg 1

The cover for Star Trek: Boldly Go #17 by Marcus To is pretty good. I like the Warhol-like layout and coloring scheme. The various versions laid out with the color choices definitely gives a sense of seriousness and finality to the cover. This is quite apropos to the story within. The interior art of Star Trek: Boldly Go #17 by Marcus To was perfect. Great character likenesses and representations and I loved the panel layouts and the page layouts. The panels had enough detial that the image appeared full, but not so much that its intricate detail pulls you away from the story. The coloring in Star Trek: Boldly Go #17 by Marissa Louise is nice. There is some shading elements and even some color variation in there – that was fun to see. The colors really seemed to work in conjunction with the inking to create a more rounded out and expanded world in the panels – to add to the third dimension.

Star TGrek Boldly Go #17 pg 2

The writing/storytelling in Star Trek: Boldly Go #17 by Mike Johnson is astonishing! That is not a word I use lightly. This story is so original to the Star Trek universe and compelling in its premise of character exploration. The story itself deals with space/time, alternate realities & battle with a true nemesis. The alternate universe characters are both strange & familiar and their dialog truly carries the story. The pace is perfect and I love the build up – it’s a fun ride for sure.

lettering mistakeThe lettering in Star Trek: Boldly Go #17 by Andworld Design was very good, as it usually is. Great layouts and easy to read letters – even their framing and coloring was nice. But they let 1 slip this time. I was surprised, they don’t make mistakes usually. But, I believe this sentence (to the left) should read, “Put a bunch of you in a room & a brawl starts.” – Not “Put of bunch of…”

Star TGrek Boldly Go #17 pg 3

Previously in STAR TREK: BOLDLY GO…
Captain Kirks (yes plural) & Enterprise Crews from multiple realities were scattered across infinite dimensions by a mysterious force. 3 of those “Kirks” found themselves in no-win scenarios. They perished. But alas, death is not the end. “This is what it’s like when worlds collide!”*
* Powerman 5000
Star TGrek Boldly Go #17 pg 4


Should you buy this book? OMG Yes!! If you are a Trekkie, this I.D.I.C. story arc is an absolute must for your collection!! Any Trekkie can tell you that James T. Kirk has 1 defining characteristic: He may lose a few battles, but Kirk doesn’t lose the war. By any means necessary Kirk will do what he must to win. This character trate has been what made Kirk great. But what if it was used against him? What if it really is a no-win scenario & Kirk can’t just change the program code (Kobayashi Maru)?

Skully’s Official reading of the Awesomo-Meter is: 10/10

Star TGrek Boldly Go #17 pg 5

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