Chico Comics Page Review: Alisik Fall #1 (of 2)

Chico Comics Page Review: Alisik Fall #1 (of 2)

Alisik 1 Cover A

Publisher: Titan Comics
Writers: Hubertus Rufledt & Helge Vogt
Illustrator: Helge Vogt
Colorist: Helge Vogt
Letterer: Cat Connery
Reviewer: Chris “The Bearded Wonder” Natale

Page 1

When looking at the cover for this issue, I thought that I was going to be reading something cartoon-like, but once I turned to the first page, it was not the case. This book is something straight out of the mind of Tim Burton and it really reminded me a lot of his film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Some of the ghosts in here looked disgustingly detailed, but acted really friendly towards the main character, Alisik. Rufledt and Vogt’s writing here makes it feel like an elseworld story that is in the same universe as The Nightmare Before Christmas. They really make you feel for Alisik because she wakes up in her own grave, but doesn’t remember anything. She is scared, confused, and believes someone is playing some sadistic joke on her. She closes her eyes and thinks it’s a dream, only to see that it is in fact real. The ghosts try to tell her that its real, but she’s in complete denial. I really enjoyed that this comic had chapters to it, three to be specific. It felt more like a storybook and some pages just had beautiful art with phrases on them that really set the mood for the story unfolding. For example, one of the first quotes in the book is “A black shadow on the cracked stone, the rotten wood in the old mud of the tomb. No fear, no pain, no tears. Time is a frozen river in the dark…” Tell me that this quote alone doesn’t at least pique your curiosity.

Page 2

The art by Helge Vogt is to die for (get it?). He uses a mix of dark and vibrant colors and it blends perfectly with the story and the overall experience of reading it. Hell, I would read the rest of this story for Vogt’s art alone. His character design is just unique and each character is creepy (in a good way). It is just so different than art that I am used to seeing in comics and I really like it. It’s dark and detailed, but it also has a Disney vibe to it (yeah I like Disney movies. Sue me… Don’t actually though, I’m broke.). The lettering by Cat Connery made the story very fluid and I was able to keep up with what was happening so I had no issues there.

Page 3

Overall, this story was dark and creepy, but definitely kept my interest. I liked how it had more of a storybook feel to it. It was broken up into chapters and if you needed to stop reading for some reason, you could and then you could pick up where you left off. The art was gorgeous and at times, I found myself stopping to appreciate and admire it. There was singing involved at some points which made me smile a bit like the child that I am. I would say if you enjoyed The Nightmare Before Christmas or other things like it, then this book is definitely for you.

Page 7

A girl named Alisik wakes up in a grave with her name on the headstone. She is scared and confused as some creepy, yet friendly ghosts greet her. They try to explain to her that this is not a dream, she is a postmortal (people who are no longer living, but have not made their final journey to the world of light or the realm of darkness) now and that she is dead. Alisik is in denial and frustrated because she cannot remember what happened. She tries to run away, but once the sun comes out, she is returned to her grave. Will Alisik find a way out of this nightmare or is she trapped for all eternity?



No fear, no pain, no tears. Time is a frozen river in the dark… Alisik Fall #1 seems like an elseworld story set in the same universe as The Nightmare Before Christmas. Alisik is almost like an undead Disney princess in some aspects. She is in denial that she is dead and she cannot remember anything about her past life. This book feels like a storybook mixed with Tim Burton’s unique taste that you would read to your children at night. The art for this book is absolutely gorgeous and worth it for the cover price alone. The official rating by the Bearded Wonder is a chinstrap on the beard scale, which is a 7/10.

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