Chico Comics Review: Midnight Task Force

Chico Comics Review: Midnight Task Force

Force 1

Writer: Mark Landon

Art: Alejandro Giraldo

Letterer: Andrew Zea

Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Review: James Kniseley

Midnight Task Force #0 is a compelling prologue to what promises to be a fantastic tale.

Force 2

Let’s start out with one area that I always harp on: characters. I’m pleased to say that the characters here are dynamic and compelling. The work makes great use of narration to give Aiden added personality that might not come through in normal dialogue. Because of the kind of character he is all the witty internal dialogue helps give him added depth. It’s the stuff he wouldn’t say out loud but is a very great touch. There are a few minor characters that get set up, but the focus is on Aiden. He’s a supernatural cop of sorts. He’s got the gruff personality that might seem stereotypical if not for what was mentioned above. The task ahead of the writers now is to continue to flesh him out and not have him simply be the gruff outcast detective who has a heart of gold even if he pretends he doesn’t.

Force 3

The art for this is breathtaking. Everything is drawn to perfection and gorgeous to look at. The opening scene of the “murder” it enthralling and pulls you in. There are some very intriguing visuals that keep your attention and capture your curiosity. It’s got a gritty feel to it, but the art style isn’t dark. This is rather refreshing. It doesn’t go for all shadow and muted colors. There are some very vibrant shades uses to give it its own unique feel. The art for the different gadgets that Aiden uses to bring out a science fiction element to this supernatural story.

Force 4

This story is a great set up for a mystery. It isn’t a clear-cut, “There is a monster that I have to find and destroy.” It lets you know that there is something larger going on. Not only does it promise a great monster, but it also promises something deeper than just a normal supernatural creature on the loose story.

Force 5

Volume Zero also sets up some subplots that should provide some nice character development and conflict in future issues. Aiden has a photo of some team in the past, and some tension between another detective promises he has a rich backstory that will be mined in the future.


Skully’s Corner

Should you buy


Overall, This is an extraordinary written story with breathtaking art. It sets itself up for a home run. This is worth your time.

I give this a 10/10


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