Chico Comics Page Review: The XII #1 (of 5)

Chico Comics Page Review: The XII #1 (of 5)


Publisher: Alterna Comics
Writer: Patrick Trahey
Illustrator: Luis Suarez
Colorist: Luis Suarez
Letterer: Magnus
Reviewer: Chris “The Bearded Wonder” Natale

Page 1

The XII #1 starts off with a character being chased by 12 people in gas masks (and eventually being killed, or so it seems). From there, the team behind XII captured my attention and I was hooked. I have to hand it to Trahey because this book certainly started off strong. He introduces us to a man named Caleb and his family. They live on a farm that is gated off from intruders. You can see that Caleb is doing his best to show his children how to survive in regard to taking accountability of food, livestock and so on. I am a sucker for post-apocalyptic survival stories and this seems to be one of them. Trahey really makes you feel for the characters in this story because they are doing their best to get by and they even have to ration their food because they just don’t have a lot. Caleb and his wife, Anna Belle, are passing on their knowledge of survival to their kids so that in case anything happens to them, they will be okay. Of course, during tales like this, when everything seems peaceful, usually things take a turn for the worse and that is exactly what happens. As much as I was interested to see where this story would go, there was one part at the very end that just upset me. I cannot talk about it because it is a small spoiler for other people who haven’t read this, but I am sure if you do pick this up, you will understand why I feel the way I do.

Page 2

The art by Luis Suarez really fit this story. It had an adult animation kind of style to me. I found it interesting how the cover for this issue was a couple different colors, but the art inside was mostly white and sepia (reddish-brown). It did not take away from the story by any means. It was just different for me and I was hoping for a little more color, but it was still nice to look at it. What I like about Suarez’s art are the facial expressions that he uses for his characters, which add almost a realistic feel to his animated style. In regard to the lettering, Magnus’s lettering was easy to follow and made this book more enjoyable from page 1 until the end.

Page 3

Overall, this book started off strong and had me hooked. I really felt that I was starting to care for Caleb and his family. The art altogether was easy on the eyes and almost felt like I was watching an animated show for adults. There was one part that I did not enjoy only because I felt bad for the family due to everything they’ve been through and it seemed like this part “kicked them while they were down.”

Page 3

Caleb, his wife, Anna Belle, and their family are living in harsh times. They live on a locked, gated farm with traps ready to welcome unwanted guests. Caleb is teaching his kids the daily tasks they will need in order to survive, including taking care of crops and livestock. They seem to be just getting by until some withered traveler comes wandering onto their land seeking food and shelter. But how did he get past the traps…?



Are you a fan of the Walking Dead? The Road? The Book of Eli? The XII #1 (of 5) might just be the right book for you. It starts off with a man being chased by a group of 12 people in gas masks (roll credits). The characters in it are likeable in the sense that you care for their struggle. The art reminds me of an adult animated show and consists of only two colors, but the artist and colorist make it work. The official rating by the Bearded Wonder is a goatee on the beard scale, which is a 6.5/10.

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