Chico Comics Review: Knights of the Golden Sun

Chico Comics Review: Knights of the Golden Sun

Sun 1


Written By: Mark London

Artist: Mauricio Villarreal

Letterer: Christian Ospina

Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Review: James Kniseley

The art style of Knights of the Golden Sun is wonderfully presented. Everything is detailed to the extreme, and the world pops out. The characters are wonderfully drawn and grandly presented. The effects are gorgeously presented and draw you in with great lighting effects. There are a few places where the art slips especially in the faces, but overall, it’s top notch.

Sun 2

The story is an interesting premise. It takes places during the silent era of the Bible between the prophets and Jesus. The story is that Michael needs Lucifer’s help to find God who has disappeared. It sets up an interesting brother dynamic between the twos and while there isn’t much new story, (it does a bunch of recap of major Biblical events) this first issue is engaging enough to leave you wanting more.

Sun 3

As stated before, it is a recap of Biblical events, but the characters are given pretty good personalities in the short time that they are on screen. The first issue paints Lucifer as a tragic figure and gives a brotherly dynamic between him and Michael. It also sets itself up for conflict between the two by showing Michael casting Lucifer out of heaven. It does set up a possible redemption arc for Lucifer so it will be interesting to see how the writers play with that. So while you do know the outcome of that arc, it is interesting to see what will transpire in the short term.

Sun 4

While this is only a prologue to the first issue, the short length of the work does hurt it a bit. It would have benefited from a few more pages of original material. The battle between Michael and Lucifer was short and would have only improved if it was given a bit more space to play out.

Sun 5


Skully’s Corner

Should You Buy

Overall, this is a strong set up for a series. While the story is original and fictional, it does an excellent job of not disrupting the larger historical context of its source material and risks alienating a portion of its audience. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

I give this a 9/10


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