Chico Comics Page: Collector’s Spotlight: Stephen Horton

Chico Comics Page: Collector’s Spotlight


Stephen Horton’s

DC Collectables & Art



  • When did your love for DC Comics begin?


When I was young I used to watch the Adam West batman on a weekend I think that’s where it all started.


  • What was the spark that lit the DC flame?


The 1989 Batman movie when I was 12. When I came out and it blew my mind. All I wanted was to be batman. I tried to make a working bat symbol light out of the lights on my bike lol.




  • Me too! I liked Batman 66, but it was too campy to be taken seriously. I felt that Burton’s Batman finally showed me he could be serious. So, those are some very impressive statues & busts there! I can’t help but notice that you, like me, are a Batman fanatic. First of all – you have great taste! Secondly, when did you first fall in love with the Dark Knight?


Mine was in 1989 with Tim Burton’s movie. Yes I’m a massive Batman fan. He has always been my favourite character growing up, and I think he’s just gotten better and better as I’ve gotten older. It was the 89 batman that made him number 1 in my eyes.  Then we got batman the Animated Series – which was fantastic. I’m really enjoying the DCEU films & DC animated films also. I also like reading comics, graphic novels – some amazing stories that I missed when I was younger – so good to catch up.



  • Wow! Those are some brilliant commissions you have hanging there! Who did those? How did you get them?


I had them done by a painter named Baz Rowell that I had 1st heard about from a YouTube channel called the Collector Verse. I saw his work on there and contacted him through Facebook. I sent him the photos of what I wanted and he got to work. He kept me informed all through the process by sending me photos. He lives a few hours from me so I went over there to pick them up. He did such an amazing job and a top bloke his company is called Becartbybaz.



  • I’ve heard many a tale about a hardcore geek that gets involved with a partner & suddenly has to get rid of the vast geekdom that they’ve created. What does your significant other think of your collection? Are they fans too?   


Yes I’ve also heard such sad stories. Thankfully my partner likes my collection and has a say in some of the statues I buy. I’m not sure she likes how much I spend on them. But I don’t think she would ever want me to sell any. Apart from batwoman I’ve got her on pre order, and she doesn’t like her at all, no. But I’m hoping when she comes out she will like her when she sees her. Fingers crossed.



  • Definitely. Good luck with that one! #TheGospelOfComics What was your very first piece? What prompted you to get it – was it the start of a collection, or an individual purchase initially?


It was at Christmas in 2016. My missis brought me the 4 pack Batman: Arkham Knight figures, & that’s where it all started. Then I started to buy the Animated Series figures. But then we went to the MCM Comic Con in Birmingham. I had taken enough money to get a statue & I looked round and I saw a Wonder Woman Statue from DC Collectibles, & she was my 1st statue. From there I started to get more involved in the community. I filmed Wonder Woman one day and decided to pop her on YouTube just in case anything ever happened to her – I would have a reminder. Then people started to watch it. That started my YouTube channel My DC Collection. Which I love doing it’s so much fun.



  • Nice! We are are now part of the many fans of your collection! How long has it taken to acquire all of that DC goodness?


It’s taken me just over a year to collect what I’ve gotten so far. But my pre orders run till January 2019, so I have 5 new pieces coming this year.


  • That seems really fast. I thought it would have been longer. That giant Batman bust has me sitting in a puddle of drool! Lol! That is a great piece! Tell me about it.


It is amazing. You can’t understand the size of it until you’re up close to it. I was really lucky to get him. I bought Black Cat 2nd hand at Christmas, and when I went to pick her up, I meet a chap called Mani. He’s been collecting for over 20 years and his collection was out of this world. He was showing me round when I saw a Batman bust next to a Superman bust. As soon as I saw him I asked how much? He said, “No not for sale.” But then, a few months later, he texted me and asked me if I was still interested, and obviously I was, but didn’t have the money. So he kept him for a month while I raised the funds needed and finally I got him. I’m so pleased with him. You can see on the YouTube video I did that I can hide behind him lol



  • Okay. That giant Harley is awesome!! That’s from the Arkham Asylum game right? I don’t play much video games, but I LOVED that game.


Yes she is awesome. She’s my favourite piece in my collection actually. She is the 1st one I received from Prime One Studios. When I unboxed her – I always record them for my channel – you can see how excited I was to get her. She’s also my youngest son’s favourite in my collection..The detailing on her is amazing. I should have batgirl from Prime 1 arriving in March. I can’t wait to see the pair of those next to each other.


  • Are you a gamer?


Yes and no. I do still play on my Xbox, but nothing like I used too when I was younger. I played all the Arkham games they are just fantastic.



  • They were really great games! So, Batman, Batman, Batman’s rogues gallery…then Supergirl? When did you become a Supergirl fan?


Probably when I started watching the CW show. I had heard of her before but never really got into her character.


  • That Supergirl statue is from the CW show right? I’m guessing you are more than a casual fan of the Arrowverse, or at least Supergirl. Tell us about getting that piece.


Yes I’m a big fan of the Arrowverse. I really do enjoy watching Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow – they’re all great & fun shows. I got the Supergirl statue about 8 months ago from DC Collectibles. She was my 3rd statue, and again, for the price, she is fantastic. Supergirl is the most watched video on my YouTube channel by miles, so she is a very popular character. I’ve heard that Prime 1 are planning on doing a ⅓ scale Supergirl. Hopefully she will be shown off at one of the comic cons this year.



  • I love the Arrowverse as well. Really good stuff! What inspired you to get these particular images done on your walls?


Well, it’s a funny story. When I 1st moved into my house I bought a Batman custom made light – it’s awesome. You switch it on & the Bat-Symbol comes out of it. Well, when the chap who made it come round to drop it off we got to talking about superheroes and comics and it turns out that he is an artist as well. It was only ever meant to be Batman, but then it just grew and grew. I love walking down my stairs and seeing them all every day. I’m moving to a new house soon – it’s going to be a sad day leaving all that art behind.



  • You seem to like any medium involving superheroes.Your collection has stuff from comics, animation, video games and film. Do you have a favorite medium? Why is that your Favorite?


Tough question! I would probably say, animation, films, and then comics – in that order. I just see things and think, “Yes. That’s for me!” lol


  • That’s a very nice collection all around. I’m a DC man to my core and I really enjoyed getting to see your sweet collection. Thank you for doing this with me. But, I want to be thorough. Is there anything I may have missed? Some story you would like to share? A piece you would like to talk about?


That’s very kind of you to say. I’m really pleased with my collection so far and I’m really looking forward to what’s coming out this year. I’ve really enjoyed my collecting journey so far. I’m part of many different groups on Facebook – people in this community are so nice and friendly. When I’ve asked different people for advice they’re always happy to help. I do get very excited about my collecting and really do enjoy sharing my collection and videos on my YouTube channel. It’s been a fantastic ride and long may it continue. Thank you very much for asking me to do this. it’s been a pleasure sharing my collection with you.



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