Chico Comics Review: Prism Stalker

Chico Comics Review: Prism Stalker

Prism 1.jpg


Story and Art: Sloanne Leong

Cover: Sloan Leong and Darius Ou

Publisher: Image Comics


Review: James Kniseley

Prism 2.jpg

Prism Stalker is a confusing tale that tries to dazzle its audience but only falls flat.

The art style for this is vibrant and full of color. Unfortunately, most of the time it turns into a confusing mess. The early pages are a bunch of images with no context and look like a bad acid trip. The narration provides no context to the images, so the reader is left confused on if this is a dream or not. The trend continues throughout the whole comic. You are never sure what is going on with the visuals and what they are supposed to mean. It’s not near the end that you get an idea of what is going on, but by that time, it doesn’t matter.

Prism 3.jpg

This first issue does a terrible job setting up the story. There is no explanation at all for most of the 20 pages. It’s not until near the end that the reader is informed what is going on, and even then it’s sparse and not very well presented. There is a lot of vague narration that offers nothing but confusion. The end of the chapter rushes to offer some explanation for everything that has happened, but it falls flat. The first 15 pages offer nothing and could easily be cut. If the comic had started with the last few pages, it would have had the potential to offer so much more.

Prism 4.jpg

There is also no character development at all in this chapter. None. Zero. By the time I got through the chapter, I barely got a name for the main character. She has no personality that shines through. She’s just a generic character that says some generic lines about something their world. (Which the writer seems to assume the audience will understand and explains none of it) You’re told you should care about here, but you’re never shown why you should care about her.


Skully’s Corner

Should you buy

Overall, this comic is a mess of odd visuals and half-baked ideas that go nowhere. There is no incentive to check out any more volumes in this saga. It relies on wowing the audience with strange and colorful images, but it’s just a smoke screen for weak story telling and poorly written characters.

I give this 1/10

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