Write Us At Skully’s Dropbox: The Voice

Write Us At Skully’s Dropbox: The Voice

Skully's Dropbox The Voice

Do you have any comments, good or bad, about our content? Are there things you would like to see from us? Are there things you would like to stop seeing from us? You, the readers, determine our content. Simply write an email to our address ChicoComicsPage@gmail.com & we will not only respond, I, Michael Nunneley, the CEO/Publisher of the Chico Comics Page, will, to the best of my ability try to implement your suggestions. Also, once per week, we will publish an article listing your inquiries, reviews & commentary as well as our response & what we will do about the issue.

SkullyIn addition to myself there are several people who work for me as writers/interviewers that you have, or will, come to know through reading their reviews & interviews. Our Senior Staff Writer is Arun Sharma. After him are Steve Sellers, James Kniseley & Chris Natale. If you would like to write in an address one of them directly, I will pass on the message. and both write back their response & post it in the weeks edition of Skully’s Dropbox: The Voice.

Thanks for reading this and we hope to hear from you soon! Also, thank you for following us, for being a member of Skully’s Crew. Here is your official Skully’s Crew Badge!!

skullys crew badge

If you’re not a Skully’s Crew member, you can follow the Chico Comics Page at our various sites!

Our main site at chicocomicspage.com

Twitter @ChicoComicsPge)

Facebook (The Chico Comics Page)

Google+ (The Chico Comics Page)



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