The Batman Rap By Michael Nunneley

The Batman Rap By Michael Nunneley


I am the Dark Knight born in death

I carry my shield across my breast

Fear & pain are my weapons of choice

Ask my name and you’ll hear The Voice…

I’ve been trained by the greatest masters of the trade

Ducard, Chu Chin Li, Tsunetomo & David Cain

From the League of Assassins to Nanda Parbat

From Gotham City to Apokolips in the Hell Bat

I’ve been through time, yeah they worshiped the Bat

I killed Darkseid with a radion bullet in my gat

The Joker is wild but the Pale Man doesn’t win

Two-Face & Riddler will be in the cell with him

Even my son took out Deathstroke at 10 years old

Batman always wins, that’s how the story is told

I’ve beaten fear toxin with my mind, I didn’t crack

I survived Arkham Asylum can you say that?

You could try to be Batman but it won’t stand

Know this & tremble I AM THE BATMAN!

batman rain and lightning


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