Chico Comics Page Review: The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson #1

Review: The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson #1

Written by: Eddie Gorodetsky & Marc Andreyko

Art: Stephen Sadowsky

Colours: Hi-Fi Colour Design

Letters: A Larger World Studios

Publisher: Image Comics


When Image say they’re going to do things differently, they do something that like ship in the writing skills of someone like Eddie Gorodetsky (Two and a Half Men, Dharma and Greg) who has a long list of T.V. writing credits to his C.V. that include programmes with some of the highest rating figures this side of Friends. With that in mind, Nick Wilson, being a washed out ex-super hero, could be the central role in a sitcom of his own. The premise isn’t new but the approach could take it into a different direction. So, just where does Gorodetsky take issue #1?





The issue begins with Nick and his two-bit, money grabbing manager, making an appearance at a kid’s birthday party, hired as a Nick Wilson impersonator. We immediately realise that Nick’s days as the world’s only superhero are long gone and he’s getting by by hitting bongs and drinking hard between low paying gigs like this. Although we’ve visited this idea in a variety of books, there’s something more pathetic yet innocent about our protagonist here. This sense is only compounded by his reaching out to an old flame who manages to highlight his societal descent in an altogether more shameful way. The climax, if it can be called that, comes in the form of a more mysterious face from the past, with some clunky clues as to the direction we’re heading. The issue covers all the bases as far as scene-setting and as much backstory as we need for now but that’s pretty much it; there just isn’t a whole lot else. Imagine Hawkeye at its slowest and you’ll get the idea.


furtheradven nick-wilson-image-comics in1


Artwise, capturing an out of sorts, middle aged slacker was essential to add the authentic touch needed for this wash-out to work. Sadowsky includes a bulky gut, a lazy man’s stubble as well as a selection of chins to position Nick firmly in the waster camp. Each character, in fact, is depicted brilliantly. The slimey manager is positively dripping grease, the forward housewife is, if a little stereotypical, eager, and the ex is more than a little bitter about being dumped. Facial expressions are a strength and the fine line work captures just the right perspectives and angles. Added to this is a sunny colour palate that not only bathes the lolling plot but puts an ironic sheen on Nick’s sad life.


So, all-in-all, it’s an introduction to the series but don’t expect any real action or essential sequences. The idea’s not original and the characters are a little stereotypical but fit their idioms well enough. We’re given a hint of what’s to come but whether or not the pace picks up is anyone’s guess. You would assume that with the writing team chosen, the series would eek out the highs and lows at all the right moments, however, T.V. formulas don’t always translate to books so well, so we’ll wait and see. Read it if you’re a fan of laid back, lo-fi plots.



Skully’s Corner: Why buy this book? Ha, I remember the feeling of losing everything, well, except the head, and it was pretty depressing. But, it didn’t let it get me down, or stop me from becoming a world record breaker. And Nick Wilson better pull his socks up too, or else the series is going to end up pretty depressing!

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Review written by Arun Sharma.



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