Chico Comics Review: DuckTales

Chico Comics Review: DuckTales


Written by: Joey Cavalieri and Joe Caramagna

Art by: Emilio Urbano, Andrea Greppi, Michela Frare, Cristina Stella, Antonello Delena, Manauela Razzi, Gianfranco Florio and Roberto Zanotta

Color by: Lucio De Giuseppe and Giuseppe Fontana

Letting by: Tom B. Long

Editor: Joe Hughes

Publisher: Greg Goldstein

IDW Publishing

Disney Comics

Reviewed by: James Kniseley


DuckTales is a fantastic ride with a great cast of characters. If you loved the original series, you will quack up over this as well, and if you are you new to the tail, then this is a great place to start.


There are two stories in this volume, and they are both full of fun and silly shenanigans. The dialogue in both of the stories is crips and full of humor. It very much is reflective of the classic show that a lot of us loved. The only real complaints are that the stories are too short. Chapter one is particularly short and fast paced. It seems like it’s setting itself up for a multi-chapter story, but then it ends rather abruptly. I would have like to see it play out more. I will praise it for using a seemingly unrelated event early on as a catalyst to get to the finish line. It was clever storytelling that I didn’t see coming.


The art is visually appealing. It’s a nice take on the original style. Some of the expressions used will make you laugh, and the mini-montage in the middle of chapter two is exceptionally laid out for maximum comedy. The only thing that deters it visually is that there are a lot of bold words. I don’t mind them when used sparingly for emphasis, but this comic uses that technique too much. So it gets old rapidly.


While this is a very comical, the pacing is very rushed. It needs to take time to develop things more. Just when you’re starting to get into the story, it is ending. Then you start again with the second one. If you were reading more than one in a sitting, the stop and start feeling would make you weary. Instead of two shorter stories in each volume, it would be beneficial to the writers to only do one long story. This would leave the reader feeling more satisfied and allow more time to get into the absurdities that DuckTales is known for.


Skully’s Corner

Should you buy

Overall this comic is very charming and draws you in both in its visuals as well as it’s engaging dialogue. It’s extremely entertaining and worth a read.

I give this an 8/10


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