Chico Comics Reviews: The Show Issue 1

Chico Comics Reviews: The Show Issue 1

1. The Show #1 - Cover

Written By: Jed McPhearson

Art By: Joseph Valasquez

Color By: F.P. Sioc JR.

Reviewed By: James Kniseley

The Show is an utterly demented piece of work in the best possible way.

This story is truly a bizarre one, and it starts with a nice tantalizing mystery. The way the opening dialogue plays out pulls you in and gets you engaged. The piece also does a great job of showcasing how isolation can affect someone. The scenes Johnny is talking to himself are well written. You can feel him trying to keep his sanity.

3. The Show #1 - Page 1

The art is amazing and does a fantastic job of presenting an insane and freakish world for the writers to explore. It reminds me of the doctor who episode Bad Wolf where the Doctor and his companions are thrown in murderous takes on human game shows for the entertainment of the population.

4. The Show #1 - Page 2

One of the main issues is that it takes a long time before you can start figuring out what is happening, and even by the end of the first issue you are still scratching your head. Some of the scenes of strangeness should have been held over till the second issue to allow more explanation of what is happening. It probably won’t be an issue if you can read all four together, but for now, it holds the comic back from being great.

5. The Show #1 - Page 3

Another issue is that there is no character development. You don’t know anyone’s name, and they don’t have personalities. There is nothing about them that grabs you and makes you gravitate towards them. The only thing that is a hook is the outlandishly fantastic premise of the story.



Skully’s Corner

Should you buy

Overall, The Show Is worth a read. The art is beautiful, and there is a lot of potential with it. Some overly ambitious ideas are crammed into it that present confusion when read. But it is worth a read and I am looking forward to seeing where they take this.

I give it a 7/10


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