Chico Comics Page Review: Transformers vs Visionaries #1

Review: Transformers vs Visionaries #1

Written by: Magdalene Visaggio

Art: Fico Ossio

Colours: David Garcia Cruz

Letters: Gilberto Lazcano

Publisher: IDW Publishing


Transformers vs Visionaries marks a bit of a new era in the Transformers universe and issue #1 has a colossal job in terms of bringing readers up to speed, introducing new characters and threads, and making a splash by way of grabbing readers by the scruff of the neck and engaging them. The first and last tasks aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive so getting the pace and mood of the first book is a balancing act, with mixed results, I would say.





The book kick off with a backstory from the delivered from the perspective of Merklynn, the imprisoned Prysmosian magician, and immediately the conflict abounds. A plot to topple the autobots becomes clear and during the pacy climax, we witness the unexpected death of a regular character, which is cleverly foreshadowed in the opening sequences. The pace, as I mentioned, picks up by the middle/end but the book lacks something in the opening, a symptom of the clunky scene setting. That said, with the threat to the autobots of magic looming, the reader’s interest picks up quickly and I wasn’t left confused by the end; if anything, the plot looks set to open into a dynamic, political action story.



Art-wise, the book looks good. The subterranean world offered to the humanoids, though starved of natural light, is bright and vivid. Only Merklynn’s cell appears a darker, gloomier corner. The realistic style is helped by Ossio’s  pencilling, with fine lines capturing facial expressions and action crisply. The swish of capes and crunch of metal is equally as appealing and the colouring only enhances the sombre and serious tones to the book. As expected, Lazcano’s lettering is clean and doesn’t detract from the visuals so all in all, a clean looking book.



I would ask for a little patience from readers who pick this up. It’s a slow starter but  Transformers fans will find the book worth it. The political intrigue could win a few new readers who should appreciate the artistic team’s work here. Just be prepared for that climax!



Skully’s Corner: Why buy this book? Sometimes when I go to bars, I tell strangers that I’m a Transformer; I can slip in between bodiless skull and cigarette holder just like that. But the smoke hurts my eyes. Just stick with the professionals and read this instead. For Transformers fans and readers looking for a different take on political intrigue.


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Review written by Arun Sharma.



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