Chico Comics Page Review: Last Hunt

Chico Comics Page Review: Last Hunt

Last Hunt 1

Written By: Hannu Kesola and Ken Janssens

Art By: Paul Moore

Color By: Beth Varni

Cover By: Paul Moore and Beth Varni

Lettering By: Ken Janssens

Edited By: El Torres

Publisher: Amigo Comics

Review By: James Kniseley

Last Hunt is an interesting science fiction story with roots in the slasher genre. It does a fantastic job of portraying action and intensity in every panel. It also has a mysterious quality that conveys uneasiness in it’s first chapter as it sets things up.

Last Hunt 2.jpg

The art style took me a little bit to get into. Visually, It’s nothing spectacular and makes it hard to keep track of characters, but it does a fantastic job with the monsters. I found them to be visually the most appealing aspect to this comic. The comic makes great use of shadows that serve to make the simplistic art style more dynamic. They do a lot to help the work shine. Some other issues include the font used for radio dialogue. It is difficult to read sometimes and is visually unappealing.

Last Hunt 3.jpg

The characters are, unfortunately, rather forgettable, but the story is written in a classic horror movie style where trope characters are used. You never have time to learn much about the characters and they are defined by one character trait. But they are not the main attraction. The main attraction is the monsters and watching them hunt down the heroes. This is a bit of a shame because with a bit more time to develop the characters and make them unique and three dimensional, this would be the perfect piece. On a positive note, the last issue does delve into some of the backstory of the monsters which is a nice touch.

Last Hunt 4.jpg
Going with the characters, the dialogue is largely forgettable and somewhat stilted. There is a lot of cursing that really pulls you out of the story. Most of it just feels like the writers wanted to put something in the panel and so that is what they came up with. It is especially problematic at the start of the story when you are still meeting the characters and they are just randomly curing at each other without any set up. It does get better as the story goes on but that is definitely a weakness in the comic. Going along with this their is brief nudity that isn’t really needed and is off putting.

Last Hunt 5.jpg
The pace of the story takes a little bit to get going, but soon there is an interesting twist that I didn’t see coming. Looking back there was some nice foreshadowing if you are clever enough to catch a couple throw away lines. This was well done by the writers. The ending is really rushed and unsatisfying. It just kind of ends in an into the sunset kind of moment that doesn’t bring satisfying closure to the story.


Skully’s Corner

Should you buy

Overall, Last Hunt Is an entertaining ride. It functions as you would expect, but the ride is entertaining. If the creators had expanded this by a few issues I think this could have been really spectacular. Takes the Alien or Aliens approach and really build up your cast of characters before you start killing them off, but as it stands it is worth a read.

I give this 7/10


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