Chico Comics Page Review: The X-files: Resistance

Chico Comics Page Review: The X-files: Resistance

Xfiles 1Written by: Joe Harris
Art by: Matthew Dow Smith
Colors by: Jordie Bellaire
Letters by: Christa Miesner
Series Edits by:Denton J. Tripton
Series Assistant Edits by: Peter Adrian Behravesh
Executive Producer: Chris Carter
Cover Art: Menton3
Collection Edits: Justin Eisinger and Alonzo Simon
Collection Design: Ron Estevez
Publisher: Ted Adams
Xfiles 2

The X-files: Resistance is the continuing story of Mulder and Scully after the end of events of the show. Unfortunately, it falls short of the bar set by its television predecessor.

The art style used isn’t very appealing. The two leads in Mulder and Scully are off model quite a bit, and, more often than not, they look nothing like their television counterparts. The art style makes terrible use of lighting and follows a minimalistic approach to drawing its characters. This combined with the lighting gives the quality a low-quality look.

Xfiles 3.jpg
I mentioned lighting. The comic tries to replicate the shows lighting effects and its use of shadows, but it comes off as poorly drawn panels. The shadow effects feel random in their use and only further mute the simple art style. Sometimes it seems like there is no real reason why there should be a shadow in a certain panel and it’s only there because the artist felt like putting it there.

Xfiles 6.jpg
The story gets off to a slow start and never really picks up. It doesn’t explain what is happening and seems to set up several different locations before using Mulder and Scully to bring them together. This is the first part of something larger, but it doesn’t make you want to come back to find out the conclusion. The Irony is it spends most of the time having people talking in an attempt to set things up, but never really explains or bring intrigue to it. It does its best to try and provide tension, but it comes off as bland and confusing. The charm of the show was seeing Mulder and Scully interact. Unfortunately, they spend most of the time apart, and when they are together, their chemistry feels artificial and lacks the spark that their banter always had.Xfiles 5.jpg

The writing seems a bit off in some places. There is a place near the end where Scully punches Moulder. I have watched the first nine seasons of the show, and this seems out of character for Scully. There are a few lines of dialogue that Mulder has that seem strange even for him.Xfiles 7

On another note, the writer has to get political. In this day and age that has come to be expected. You can’t escape from all the political insanity happening on both sides of the aisle. While one chapter teases as to the identity of the President and causes you to roll your eyes at it, a couple of chapters go out of the way to show you that the president isn’t someone made up for the show, but is President Trump. It then becomes another medium that has been invaded and only reaffirms that no matter where you go, you can’t take a break from the real world. It takes you out of the story because it’s unneeded for any plot development and only shows the writers political slant and his attempt to push them on the reader. Like everything else these days, this comic has to get political for no reason at all.


Skully’s Corner

Should You Buy

Overall, this is a sub-par entry in the X-files saga. The pacing is plodding and leaves the reader board most of the time. The art is very inconsistent, and there is a lot left unexplained. This is disappointing because the X-files is an amazing series overall but the team behind this entry is unable to capture the magic that made the series a hit.

I give The X-files: Resistance a 4/10


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