Chico Comic Page Review: Sherlock The Great Game Volume 6

Chico Comic Page Review: Sherlock The Great Game Volume 6



Published by: Titan Comics
Written by/Co-Created: Mark Gatiss
Co-Created: Steven Moffat
Art by: Jay
Lettering by: Amoona Saohin
Edited by: Martin Eden and Amoona Saohin
Design: Andrew Leung

Reviewed by: James Kniseley


Sherlock The Great Game Volume 6 is what you would expect it to be. It is the manga adaptation of the popular television show. This volume covers the poolside confrontation between Sherlock and Moriarty at the end of season 2.


The manga style works well. It doesn’t go over the top with its style and maintains the character’s appearance from the television show. The style is very crisp, and the backgrounds are incredibly detailed. The lighting is used to particularly good effect to convey the tension and Moriarty’s insanity. The characters are expressive, and you can immediately understand what they are feeling just by looking at them.


Because the adaptation is using the same script as the show, the characters behave as you expect. These are the same characters as in the show. However, this comic doesn’t provide a good sense of character voice. I came into this having watched the show, but someone reading this issue for the first time will not have a good grasp of the character’s voice. This is because the whole comic takes place in one scene and doesn’t allow the audience to experience the characters in different settings to get a feel for their personalities.


Perhaps, the biggest fault is that it is a direct adaptation of the television show, so there are no different beats to make it stand on its own feet. Usually, adaptations offer additional information or new takes on scenes to provide the reader with something new as a reward for reading a story they have already seen before. This does not offer any of that.



Skully’s Corner

Should You Buy

Overall, if you enjoyed the television show, you will enjoy this.It’s the same story that you’ve already experienced just in a different medium. There’s nothing new to be explored here, but if you don’t mind revisiting old territory, then you will enjoy this.

I give Sherlock The Great Game Volume 6 an 8/10

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