Chico Comics Page Review: Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia

Chico Comics Page Review: Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia


Published by: Suspicious Behavior Productions
Written by: Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin
Art by: Dan Schkade
Colors By: Marissa Louise
Lettering by: A Larger World Studios
Edited by: Mariah Huehner
Design: Fred Chao

Reviewed by: James Kniseley

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia caught me off guard. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it, but this comic has a wonderful art style and entertaining characters.

The art style this piece uses reminds me of older superhero comics. It’s not crisp like what a lot of works use, but it’s quirky. There is a charm to the style that is used and how characters are drawn. So much so that when you are suddenly presented with a wrestling bear, you don’t question it. It is just something that makes sense with the style of the comic. The colors used are also vibrant, but not to the point of being flashy and overbearing. There are some beautiful choices used especially for background objects.



The backgrounds walk a line between simplicity and detail. They are not incredibly detailed, but they have enough detail in them to give you a sense of the world. They are not just simply colored backgrounds. This piece also makes good use of lighting to convey the tones of each scene. As Rory starts getting down on his luck, the lighting becomes darker and less flash. This is a nice effect.

The story is interesting. The first chapter is a big flashback, and it is a bit jarring. The opening and ending present a futuristic science fiction world while the middle is more of a present time feel. Unfortunately, the middle part presents nothing that would explain why the opening and ending have a galactic tone to them. There is nothing that hints or foreshadows it. So it ends up feeling like two separate works that were thrown together. Perhaps the second volume will better bridge the two settings. It does, however present intrigue as to what will happen next.


The characters are written well. Each one has their own voice. Their personalities shine through, and each one has some great character moments. The first issue does a wonderful job of keeping the flow of the story moving forward while giving each character a distinct voice.

As a side note, the comic uses bold text too much. There isn’t any rhyme or reason to some of the bold text. It gets tiresome after a bit. It’s okay to emphasize certain people or places, but the amount of times it’s used seems to suggest the audience won’t be able to figure out where to obtain the emphasis. Going forward, they should cut down on the amount of text that is bolded.


Skully’s Corner


Should You Buy

Overall, I would recommend Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia. The second issue needs to explain better how we get from Earth to Planet Wrestletopia, but the story is so enjoyable that the disconnect isn’t too distracting. The art plays into this. Any other style might cause you to question the change more, but because it goes for a quirky style, it is less of an issue. I’m looking forward to where they go in issue 2.

I give Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia an 9/10


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